Civilians in Camp

The 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry is a family unit. Civilians, male and female (as well as children) are encouraged to dress in the fashions of the 1860's and to represent the various civilian occupations and lifestyles of the mid 19th century. We believe that it is important that the family and social activities provide for an enjoyable reenacting experience for the civilian members of the regiment. Our encampment, while authentic, also provides for a comfortable "home away from home" during events.

Civilians circa 1863

The participants with the 6th Ohio strive to emulate the social customs of the mid 19th century. We are attempting to bring to life the best of the culture of the Civil War period, and not the customs of the lower elements. Soldiers will always be expected to treat civilians with honor, to respect women, and to protect children. Remove head gear when entering a building as well as saluting of officers and other military customs will be observed while in uniform. Civilian men will be gentlemen and women will be ladies and children will be obedient.  We do this because there is more to authenticity then just the clothes. Without observing the manners of the time a reenactment becomes little more then a costume party. The customs of the time help to create harmony in the camp and to make it more fun by creating an atmosphere where acting and even thinking like a person of the mid 19th century is more possible. The more immersed a person becomes, the more fun they can have.

Some of our ladies that attended the award to the unit by the Ohio Historical Society, Feb. 2002

In short, the military camp of the 6th Ohio Cavalry should be a place where ladies and children will feel comfortable and safe, and a place where a mother can send her young son with confidence as to the kind of masculine examples the young man will encounter.