The present day Sixth Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Regiment has been in existence since the early 1960's as a mounted cavalry reenacting organization.

Like the original regiment it nobly portrays, many of its members are from Northeastern Ohio. We also have troopers from Southern Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Canada. While our troopers are a diverse lot, we are bonded together by an intense interest in the War Between the States, horsemanship and the camaraderie that springs from rigors in the field.

Troopers are required to wear and use only Civil War regulation uniforms, weapons and tack. We practice Nineteenth Century Civil War cavalry tactics (Pointsettes). Only period gear is permitted in our military camps. As living historians, anything less would be a disservice to the reenacting community, the public that increasingly frequents the events, and more importantly, the boys of the original Sixth Ohio.

The Sixth Ohio is an authentic, family-oriented cavalry unit. Families are always welcome at the open events, and we encourage spouses and children to wear period dress to help portray that equally important element of Civil War history. We do so, not only because it is in keeping with authenticity (some families did follow the troops), but because it's fun. We travel together, camp together, and eat very well together.

The Sixth Ohio is available for battle reenactments and encampments, tacticals, living histories, parades and lectures. Troopers of the Sixth appeared in the TNT movie productions of "Gettysburg" and "Andersonville," and the A&E network documentary "Civil War Journal."

If you would like to include the Sixth Ohio in your next event, feel free to contact the Unit Commander. If you do not mind accommodating our horses, we won't mind hauling them.


A little about our membership for we are a diverse lot. Frankly this author doesn't know what everyone does.
I do know that some of our members are farmers and programmers. We are factory workers, accountants, heavy equipment operators, and govenment employees that can't talk about their jobs. We have Authors of books, college professors and former ranch owners. We are retirees and students.

Our unit is well prepared. If you get injured, we have:
The ER doc to admit you
The orthopedic surgeon to put you back together
Several nurses to care for you
A physical therapist to get you back on your feet
A few lawyers to defend you (or to sue the guy that rode over you)
The vet to fix your horse
The farrier to put his shoes back on

and if all else fails...
The mortician to bury you!