The following is taken from

Safety Standard Operating Procedures
of the
United States Volunteers
By David T. T. Smith
Safety Officer
January 10, 2004

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A. At inspection arms, the revolver will be presented unloaded to the inspecting officer in the halfcock
position with the muzzle in the vertical position.

B. The inspecting officer will first check the barrel with a cleaning rod or dowel of the appropriate
length to insure that the bore is clear.

C. The revolver cylinder should then be checked to insure that none of the chambers are loaded. Any
revolver presented for inspection in a loaded condition will be returned to the owner who will be instructed
to discharge the piece in a safe manner and at a safe distance before returning for further inspection.

D. After insuring that the cylinder chambers are clear, the revolver will then be checked to insure that
no live percussion caps are on the nipples.

E. The revolver will be returned to the soldier in the half-cock position with the muzzle up.

F. Only after this procedure has been followed will a unit be allowed to march for battle.

G. This revolver safety inspection procedure will be accomplished prior to or during dress parade
each day of an event.