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Battle of Bull Run
July 2006
The recent engagement at Bull Run ended this past Sunday. For those of you who were not there, the following are some highlights of the weekend. For those of you who were there, well, don't hate the player, hate the game....

We had very good attendance from the Sixth Ohio. In attendance were: Erik the Blonde (aka Jim Garner), Jack "The Haberdasher" Daniels (aka Keith Green), Red Dave (aka Dave Mungo), Scott "I Would Rather Be Wearing Gray" Steffl, He Who Must Not Be Thrown (HWMNBT, aka John Hinterlang), Meg Pitcher (aka Meg Hinterlang), Bowtie Carrots (aka Robin Shields), Dr. T. (aka Tom Rothman), Mr. Pizza (aka Mike Oakley), Kris "I slept with the Captain" Hopes (aka Kris Hopes), Doppler Stormtracker (aka Peter Kelley), “Big Dan” (aka Dan Smith), The Mad Canuck (aka Tom Poustie), HAZMAT (aka Aaron Schetter), Tommy Boy (aka Tom Hopes), Colonel Garibaldi (aka Darrell Markejohn) and The Trumpeter (aka Bob Vance). Also, we had several civilians come out to support us. And, believe me, without them...we couldn't do what we do. A big thanks goes out to: Bev Poustie, Cathy Wolfe, Diane Foley, Diane Garner, Jenny Smith, and Carl Staub.

The weekend was filled with moments some of us will never forget. In fact, some of us will be in therapy for years....But, I digress... The highlights were:

Trooper Stormtracker giving accurate and timely weather reports. If I remember right, a now infamous line went like, "It'll be clear, cool and breezy for the next two hours." This being said while the thermometer was rising above the red line in the sauna house and hail stones were 20 minutes away. The Doppler's forecasting abilities were eerily prescient. I was in awe of our resident Nostradamus.

Trooper HAZMAT's saber trying to mate with Vermont Ron's carbine. In fact, the attraction was so strong that the saber came out of the scabbard and hung by the carbine's hammer. I guess that is the true meaning of, "Hammer Time."

Ms. Carrots displaying her horse decoration abilities. The bowties she placed on Prince were priceless. The only drawback will be the upcoming Horse Whisperer bill.

The food. Enough said...if you need a further description of the food, please contact Mr. Pizza.

The "Advil Incident"...oops, I mean, the "Anvil Incident." The Haberdasher, Jack and an anvil. It was a sight that still scars some of us today.

HWMNBT sticking the landing. Mary Lou Retton or Keri Strug couldn't have done a better job. HWMNBT did a perfect 2 1/2 back flip and stuck the landing during his first circus dismount. This incredible maneuver pushed him into first ahead of the Chinese Jackie Chan. However, and unfortunately, HWMNBT was not able to stick the second landing (although replays show he did have incredible style). This two point deduction cost him the title.

An orange, a vengeful Ms. Carrots (who owns the PA record for the longest shot put), a wobbly Haberdasher and no obstructions equalled orange juice by way of the Haberdasher's head.

Erik the Blonde's fierce, one-man cavalry charge. It was incredible. I had never seen a one-horned Viking (illegal in some countries, I might add...) carry his horse across the field in a cavalry charge while still wielding his axe. (In all seriousness, remind me to never make you mad, Jim...that guy is huge.)

There were many other incidents during the weekend. However, for the sake of keeping people out of jail I better not put them into writing. I mean, no one wants to know about the living history spooning Red Dave and the Haberdasher did. Well, at least not most people...

Seriously, the weekend was a lot of fun. Which reminds me of a conversation I had with a very wise man. Let's not forget that's why we do what we do. Let's have fun. A lot of it. Being the best unit in the hobby is/would be a very nice badge of honor to carry. And, quite frankly, I think we were this past weekend (and thanks to everyone for doing such a fantastic job in camp and most importantly, on the field). But, let's never forget that we all do this to "escape" our real lives. We all have enough stress there that we don't need to make anymore at reenactments.

Until the next campaign, I remain...